The Pine Creek Valley
Watershed Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 239
Oley, PA 19547
     Located in the headwaters of the historic Oley Valley, the Pine Creek and its various tributaries tumble from the wooded hillsides of Pike, District and Rockland Townships in Berks County, Pennsylvania. This rural watershed is a dwindling natural resource whose undeveloped forests provide a habitat for wildlife, and whose undisturbed wetlands ensure water purity for this and surrounding regions. The Pine Creek Valley is a rare and sensitive ecological area, a fragile and unique High Quality Environment.

     Pine Creek is an Exceptional Value watershed as classified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Preservation, "a stream or watershed which constitutes an outstanding national, state, regional or local resource ...waters characterized by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission as wilderness trout streams and other waters of substantial or recreational or ecological significance." Because water quality in Exceptional Value Waters cannot be degraded, we are all charged with protecting Pine Creek and maintaining its Exceptional Value level.


has the following three goals:


It is only through an informed public that awareness of issues affecting the ecological balance of Pine Creek will be known to residents, such as improperly installed or failed septic systems, the impact of storm water runoff, illegal dumping and violations of federal and state wetlands regulations.


Through a series of publications, newsletters and lectures by expert speakers, we will show the local impact of timely environmental issues such as acid rain, herbicide spraying and nitrate use.


We will be the watchdogs for the watershed. We are individuals interested in protecting and preserving the excellent water quality and natural resources of Pine Creek. We believe that the Pine Creek Valley, its unique water quality, historic sites, and the beauty of its rolling hills and open spaces should be preserved for future generations.
     If you share these goals and would like to know what you could do to help preserve the beauty of the Pine Creek Watershed, we would like you to join us.
As a member of the PINE CREEK VALLEY WATERSHED ASSOCIATION you will be informed of the actions around us, which affect the watershed. We will contact you when important legislation, both local and state may affect our region. More importantly, we will let you know how YOU can make a difference. So, please take a little time now to look out of your window at the beauty that surrounds you, that you have known and loved for a long time, and that perhaps you have taken for granted because it has always been there. It may not always be there in the future.