The Pine Creek Valley
Watershed Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 239
Oley, PA 19547

"Twenty Years of Getting Wet, Just Having Fun"

It started as a trickle
Many, many years ago
An energetic spirit
Bubbled forth and flowed
Tumbling over boulders
Leaving rainbows in the sun
Infant waterfalls playfully splashing
Gurgling on the run
Lively, clear and sparkling
Unencumbered and free
Meandering through wooded Oley Hills
Invigorating the lowland kettle country
Gliding to the River Schuylkill
Onward to the sea

Historic 1987, the records will reflect
A year of landmark importance
Intelligence and introspect
A year when great minds thought as one
New territory to charter
The Pine Creek Valley Watershed Association
Is organized and begun

Lead, plan, testify
Conservation is the key
Observe, educate, advocate
Protect and preserve the habitat
The forests, fields, the waters blue
The Pine�s native natural resources
Its wildlife; aquatic critters too
Pilot watershed activities
Take on projects big and small
Nix the Wissahickon assault
Say �No� to urban sprawl
Forge growing greener partnerships
Applaud patrons, supporters, one and all
With special gratitude to a good friend
The William B. Butz Memorial Fund
Steadfast loyal stanchion of
The stewards of the Pine

Gather now in tribute on this second day of June
To socialize, celebrate
Roam The Water�s Edge
To toast the Pine community
With its symphony of sounds
Chirping crickets, trilling peepers
Warblers warbling songs
Hear the ivories serenade
The deep rich baritones
Steady altos
Climbing tenors
Sopranos� aria

Misty mornings lighten in gentle whispering winds
Breathe in the delicate fragrance
Wafting in the breeze
Sweet bouquet of blossoms
Essence of fresh pine scents
Beware the boggy seeps
So pungent underfoot

The Pine Creek Valley Watershed Association
Tenacious watchdog of its ribbon of blue
An Exceptional Value champion
Through and through
A toast to your continued health, triumphant victories and
Long, long travels on the Long Lane by the Pine
To your twentieth birthday, still going strong
A job well done; do carry on!!!

By Lorah P. Hopkins